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... e circulation of publishing - 5000-7000 copies, depending on market conditions. Distributed in Russia, CIS and Baltic States, abroad, Vip-halls of the Moscow airports, business rooms and on boards of major Russian airlines, in secondary and higher aviation schools. ...

100% major

... ГУРМАЙОР Ol, S, 2693; ПРОДЭКСПО 2017 (S) ГУРМАЙОР ООО Россия, 109388, г. Москва, ул. Гурьянова, д. 31, стр. 2 Телефон: +7 (495) 998-2112 Производство и продажа ...

... ГУРМАЙОР Ol, S, 2693; ПРОДЭКСПО 2017 (S) ГУРМАЙОР ООО Россия, 109388, г. Москва, ул. Гурьянова, д. 31, стр. 2 Телефон: +7 (495) 998-2112 Производство и продажа макаронных изделий PASTA LA BELLA, PASTA LA BELLA BABY, ФИТНЕС ПАСТА : - из твердой пшеницы и натуральных добавок; - по итальянским технологиям; - ...

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... енных секторах. Универсальность, комфорт, производительность и простота в использовании является характерной особенностью техники Dieci. Италия 42027, Монтеккьо-Эмилия Ettore Majorana, 2-4 телефон: +39 (0522) 869611 факс: +39 (0522) 869798 Экскаваторы, краны Погрузочные машины Фронтальные и тыловые погрузчики Мобильные погрузочные машины Вилочные погрузч ...

100% major

... glass mosaic tiles. Expert hands, avant-guard designs, and innovation all enable VIDREPUR to present collections that decorate spaces with more personality. Since 1988, VIDEREPUR has been one of the major global manufacturers of glass tiling. Its main production plant islocated in Castellon, and the company has sales offices in USA and Mexico. The company has more than 4000 distributors and a mar ...

100% major

... l and dual application of Russian and foreign origin. The Company s core business consists in carrying out integrated MRO programs for airplanes and helicopters, supplying spare parts, components and major assemblies, navigation systems, test equipment and high-tech alloys for aerospace companies, implementing aircraft upgrading programs, as well as providing various logistics and warehousing serv ...

... providing various logistics and warehousing services. Aviazapchast PLC has been actively supporting its presence in the global aviation market, successfully participating in international tenders and major trade fairs and air shows. Permanent representative offices of Aviazapchast PLC are operating in Algeria, India, Vietnam. ...

100% major

... ucts Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, a professional manufacturer for outdoor products. Our main products have hammocks, hanging chairs, nets beds, nylon beds, accessories , covering five major series. and so on. Our company is located in Yingkou city , which is the economy developing center of Liaoning Province, China. Our city transportation is very convenient. Бренды HUAYU ...

100% major

... ny specializing in manufacturing and developing technical innovation of coaxial cable. After several years experience of exploration and technology validation, we own 11 national patents now. Fanlong majors in manufacturing SYWV(Y)-75 series of physical high foam PE coaxial cable ,RG series coaxial cable, audio and video cable , multi-function combination cable, power cable ,supper category-5 data ...

100% major
АБ Систем

... ователю дистанционно, с применением облачных технологий . AB System is an analytical consulting center specialized in development and implementation of programming solutions dedicated to solving both major long-term strategy tasks as well as every-day problems for enterprises of any size and administrative organizations. AB System specialists are highly experienced in design and development of sof ...

100% major
ИВСР и ИВСР журнал

... SR researchers conduct face-to-face interviews with over 1,500 companies in 118 countries each year, with further input from 350 companies. With this local expertise the researchers contribute to the majority of the features in the magazine which provides the most accurate assessment of the global consumption of wine, beer and spirits. ...

100% major

... sian Federation, the dissemination of professional knowledge; information support of business activity and the prestige of the emerging domestic high-tech companies, the management staff, scientists, major Industrialists of the Russian Federation; informing of competitive science-intensive products and services of domestic enterprises for their promotion to the markets of Russia and other countrie ...

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